Teaching and Learning Culture. Two special laboratories with a lot of equipment are available for practical work in the field of medical informatics. In addition to the recommended part-time study plan, it is possible to arrange individual study plans as required. You will decide on one specialisation at the beginning of the Master’s degree course. Duales Studium – ausbildungsintegrierend . Winter semester: 31.08. and summer semester: 15.02. Die Hochschulen. Academic. System Development or Project Management, cooperative information and knowledge management or. Interested in studying in Germany? Telefon 0361 6700-0 Telefax 0361 6700-703 Master 105 … konsekutive 79 … nicht-konsekutive 8 . business administration, law, company formation). They underlie completely the currently valid stat protection regulation oft he federal state of Brandenburg. It is possible for students who are already enrolled to have content from previous education and further training credited to the online degree course in Media Informatics (M.Sc.). Successfully completed first degree course with 60 ECTS in computer science or 60 ECTS with media-related study content. The Master of Mechanical Engineering builds on the specialist knowledge of a basic study in mechanical engineering, mechatronics or comparable disciplines and leads to a higher qualification within the engineering profession at Master's level. Check out our comprehensive guide. Interdisciplinary projects in small groups; students work on practical projects of energy efficiency in development teams; choice of specialisation possible through a wide range of elective engineering modules. Für die beiden dualen Studiengänge „Öffentliche Verwaltung Brandenburg (LL.B.)" Die Fachhochschule Potsdam bietet auf ihren Internetseiten alle wichtigen Infos für Studenten, Interessierte und alle anderen Besucher. The degree course is consecutive to the Bachelor's degree course from the Department of Technology and further technical Bachelor's degree courses.Various specialist directions and selected problems such as renewable energy systems, the system design, the building supply technology and issues of automation and simulation of technical systems are covered. Professional relevance must be proven with exam results.After successfully passing the placement examination, it is possible to be assigned to a higher subject-based assessment if a degree course with a correspondingly longer study duration of at least 7 semesters and a higher number of at least 210 ECTS credits have been verified.Enrolment takes place through the University of Applied Sciences Wildau. Germany Add to shortlist Compare. The fourth semester marks the end of the degree course and involves writing the Master’s thesis and a Master’s seminar. View programmes Write Review. 731 Studis staatlich 1 Studiengang. 1 – 6 of 18. Université de Paris. programming the Nao robot), Interfaces of the future with sensors and gestures, Planning, conception and implementation of usability evaluations, Planning, conception and realisation of interactive 3D applications, Information and communications technology, Mathematical Optimisation and Stochastics, Project Management and Quality Management, Development of Energy-efficient Sensors in Micro Process Engineering, Advanced Electronic Systems Lightweight Construction, Modelling and Simulation of Dynamic Systems, Efficient energy utilisation in the production process of a furniture factory, Energy efficient lighting through new optical communication technologies, Continuous heat supply for industrial process heat in a medium temperature range, Heat recovery systems for waste heat recovery, Increasing energy and resource efficiency in a food factory, Increasing the efficiency of a rail vehicle, Scientific analysis through calculation, simulation and experimentation, Method development in the area of system stability and robustness, Elective modules in the major fields of mechanical engineering and mechatronics, Employment in medium and larger enterprises with R&D departments, Leading and carrying out demanding research and development projects in machine, vehicle and plant construction, Conception and operating complex systems in manufacturing and process engineering, Scientific and technical services for safe systems and components under harsh conditions, Employment in external funds of universities or colleges for participation in research projects including the possibility of doctoral studies, Construction, Production Technology and Materials, System Integration and Control Technology, Finite Element Methods and Lightweight Construction, Design/construction of a transport carriage for wire coils, Conception of an underwater weapon deterrent system, Analysis of pipe vibrations in natural gas compressor stations, 4th semester: Research seminar, Master's thesis, final exam. OVERALL QUALITY. We are very well equipped with current hardware and software laboratories for the practical work in the area of digital media. The aim of the degree course is a holistic view of machines in which technical systems of different disciplines are integrated and interact. The exact dates for the respective course will be announced via Moodle. the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF in Potsdam-Babelsberg. Das Fächerspektrum umfasst ingenieurwissenschaftliche, soziokulturelle und gestalterische Studiengänge, deren gemeinsame Schnittmengen in den Themenfeldern: „Kommunikationsgestaltung und Wissensmanagement", „Soziale und kulturelle Gestaltung der Gesellschaft" und „Kreativwirtschaft als Wachstumsfaktor" liegen. The theoretical knowledge acquired is complemented by an internship which is supervised intensively as well as scientific projects. In addition to full-time studies, it is also possible to study part-time, which makes it possible to work at the same time. Diverse professional fields are therefore open to those graduates who are competent in both computer science and digital media. Projects are an integral part of our teaching during the degree course. Conference (open) – Betriebswirtschaftslehre, Europa-Universität Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder), Fachhochschule Brandenburg. It covers six semesters with a total of 180 ECTS. Keywords such as multimedia, apps, gaming and “always online” characterise current developments in our information society. The compulsory modules define the degree course profile with three main focuses: The profile specialisation can be supplemented with assigned technical elective modules. Fachbereich Agrarwirtschaft und Lebensmittelwissenschaften Erfahren Sie mehr aus dem Fachbereich. The degree course is characterised by its integrated project and research programme in all semesters. I am aware that false information in the application documents or falsifications of the documents may lead to the cancellation of the invitation for the part-time study. The degree course is thesis and project oriented. Similar Universities. As a result, you can already experience internationality during your studies here. Projects are carried out in partnership with industries from the region, in an interdisciplinary manner with cooperating universities or can be self-defined according to your interests. Read 18 Reviews. wurde die… 25.09.2020 Wir suchen Verstärkung! The spectrum ranges from traditional media sectors, such as press, film and television, to the design and implementation of web systems, the development of teaching-learning systems, games and particularly apps for smartphones and tablets. Die Fachhochschule Potsdam ist eine junge Hochschule. Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde. The following emphases or profile directions can be selected and are shown on the Master’s certificate: Profiling takes place through the allocation of appropriate compulsory elective modules as well as the Master’s thesis. Fachhochschule Brandenburg. View all programmes. Kommunales Verwaltungsmanagement und Recht (LL.B.) Studiere im Fachbereich Informatik und Medien, Wirtschaft oder Technik an der Technischen Hochschule Brandenburg. This enables us to replicate later career profiles very accurately at a high academic level. Clarkson University. Lehre und Studium an der Fachhochschule Potsdam zeichnen sich aus … Wir stellen unsere Weiterbildung neu auf. Fachhochschule Potsdam. FHF Brandenburg. The Master's degree course teaches in-depth theories, principles and expertise at the interface between media design, computer science and media studies. Professional university degree (Diploma, Bachelor (210 CP)) in the area of technology or science. In addition, the Master's degree course qualifies you for starting your own business and for leading positions in diverse media professions. Schau dich um und informiere dich über deinen Studiengang in Brandenburg. Successfully completed first degree course, One-year working in a security-related area as well as. Europa-Universität Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) Technische … Wir heißen Sie auf unserem Internetauftritt willkommen. The aim of the degree course is therefore to expand on knowledge, skills and actions in the conception, development, introduction and operation of media-rich computer systems in all areas of applied computer science. Students are enabled to further develop these topics independently and to use them in practice in finding creative solutions to complex problems. Stimulating Courses. AUSLAUFEND . 4.11 / 5 based on 18 reviews. Without IT security, corporate security can no longer be established today. Through elective modules, a project, the term papers as well as the Master's thesis, profiles in the specialisation areas of the degree course can be developed. Typical field of work for technology and innovation managers include: You should meet the following essential requirements in order to be admitted to the Master of Technology and Innovation Management: You have a first professional higher education degree (at least Bachelor or equivalent) in the field of. The Master’s thesis is intended to show that the student is capable of dealing with a problem within computer science independently and according to scientific methods within a stipulated period of time.After passing the Master's exam, the students acquire the degree "Master of Science" with a detailed description of the chosen specialisation and courses in the Diploma Supplement. Laboratory exercises and projects in small groups, in the practical phase students work in engineering teams on development projects, modern laboratories with state-of-the-art laser measurement equipment, additional qualifications possible (e.g. Overall. Königs Wusterhausen . Photonic products include e.g. Alle News Dual - Wat isn ditte? It is one of the interdisciplinary high technologies which reflects the fusion of optics/optical technologies, electronics and laser technology. The attendance phases are on Friday, Saturday and Monday respectively and are limited to the semester periods (32 weeks in the year). Input/output sensor technology: Kinect, Leap Motion, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Epson Moverio, Arduino boards, iBeacons, Myo gesture bracelets, where learning can be tested in practice. Universitat de Girona, Girona, Spain Engineering, Mechanical, Graduate, Erasmus . Project contents could for example be: The Master's degree course focuses on two core areas in the diverse fields of application in digital media. The Master of Security Management is unique within the German-speaking countries. HNE Eberswalde. Lancaster University Leipzig . Häufig verwendet Studienangebot; Bewerbung; Hochschulbibliothek; Zentrum für Informations - und Medientechnologie; Sprachenzentrum; Vorlesungsverzeichnis; Studium plus; International Office; Stellenangebote; Leben in Neubrandenburg; Social Media Unsere App Kontakt Haus- und Lieferadresse Hochschule Neubrandenburg Brodaer … Projects can be carried out in both industrial companies as well as at research institutions and at the THB, whereby the students are involved in ongoing research projects at the university. Administration/Staff . The contents were developed together with cooperating companies and are oriented toward practical needs. Mittlerweile sind fast alle Studiengänge nach Bachelor- Master umgestellt und entsprechen somit den internationalen Standards. View programmes Write Review. S. and 1 other shortlisted this university. Macromedia University of Applied Sciences. Bachelor of Arts [Hauptfach] | ️. Zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt suchen wir Verstärkung im Social-Media/PR Bereich. In this way, project work was also integrated in the design, construction, automation and commissioning of a pilot plant for storing process heat in a medium temperature range.As a result, students can gain experience in current topics during their studies. Technische Hochschule Brandenburg (THB) Universität Potsdam. 4.11 /5. Sommersemester ☀️ 45. Two semesters of specialised knowledge and specialisation in important topics within mechanical engineering in R&D, including scientific project work; Processing of a complex task of modern mechanical engineering in the 3rd semester and completion of the Master's thesis. Drei Fachbereiche, 23 Studiengänge und fast 200 Vertiefungsfächer allein in den Bachelorstudiengängen: Mit einem Studium an der Technischen Hochschule Brandenburg in ein erfolgreiches Berufsleben starten. It is also necessary to have proof of sufficient knowledge of English (see Study and Examination Regulations Section 5).A higher education committee decides on admissions in the case of applications from graduates with a different professional background or in case of non-fulfilment of one of the above-mentioned requirements.You can enrol in the Security Management degree course for the winter semester or the summer semester. HOTNESS FACTOR. The degree course builds on the content of the Bachelor's degree course of the same name. ESCP Business School - Berlin. The aim of the Master's degree course is to deepen and consolidate existing computer science knowledge and to give students the opportunity to specialise in one or more aspects in the broad spectrum of work and research areas within the Department of Computer Science and Media. 3-BMTAT. The part-time study allows us to realise individual and flexible study schedules. Available software packages: Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, AfterEffects, Premiere, Illustrator, InDesign etc. Universität Hamburg. Graduates are also taught how to solve management tasks and gain the ability to work independently in industry, development and research engineering on a high level. In addition to working with other universities (e.g. The Master of Computer Science is consecutive to the Bachelor of Computer Science, Medical Informatics and Applied Computer Science in the Department of Computer Science and Media at the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences. Das Land Brandenburg verfügt über eine starke Wissenschafts- und Forschungslandschaft. Studying at TH Köln/University of Applied Sciences is learning through projects that awaken students’ curiosity and stimulate sustainable learning processes. A Bachelor of Media and Computer Science, e.g. With in-depth knowledge of computer science combined with design understanding, you will be well prepared for the requirements of this industry. Learning to open up new business areas with technological innovations - that is the aim of the Master of Technology and Innovation Management (TIM). At the same time, photonics is one of the most important pillars of the growing production of microelectronics. National Research University Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI) ESCP Business School - Berlin . Applicants include graduates of a six semester Bachelor of Engineering. Austria area Head of Marketing at Mondi Paper Sales GmbH Paper & Forest Products Education Fachhochschul-Studiengänge Burgenland 2007 — 2009 Master, International Wine Marketing Fachhochschule Heilbronn 1983 — 1987 Dipl.-Betriebswirt, Economics Experience Mondi Paper Sales GmbH July 2014 - Present Mondi Paper Sales GmbH June 2012 - July 2014 Spiller … Durchlässigkeit im Kontext der Hochschule – ein Praxisbericht von der Folgen Sie uns in den sozialen Medien, Hausanschrift:Magdeburger Straße 50 14770 Brandenburg an der Havel, Postanschrift: Postfach 2132 14737 Brandenburg an der HavelT +49 3381 355-0F +49 3381 355-199info(at)th-brandenburg.dewww.th-brandenburg.de, Dean Department of Business and Management, Dean Department of Computer Science and Media. Building on the specialist knowledge of the respective Bachelor's degree course, this interdisciplinary Master's degree course builds on the focus of energy efficiency. The campus is located in and hosts students with an endowment of . 18 reviews. Systemic interactions include power flows, energy conversions, overall efficiency optimisation, dynamic responses, control loop design, fault tolerant software programming, and creative approaches to component design and material selection. int-zulfh-muensterde. Baeza. The Master of Technology and Innovation Management has a modular structure and is divided into four subject areas: The third semester is dedicated to writing of the Master's thesis. Fachhochschule Brandenburg: Neue Studiengänge im Fachbereich Technik. Technology and innovation managers work at the interface between technology and business, for example in interdisciplinary research and development teams or as technology consultants. Business & Information Systems Engineering (M.Sc. We offer the following profile directions: The degree course in Security Management is organised in such a way that it can also be completed part-time whilst working. It is interdisciplinary and complements the technical knowledge acquired in the Bachelor's degree course with the methods and know-how of economics. Fachhochschule Brandenburg reviews. If you have questions about your suitability for the course, please contact the academic advisor. Read 18 Reviews. Winter Semester: 31.08. and Summer Semester: 15.02. The attendance dates are on Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays. Share . Our honorary professors include: The lecturers teaching our elective courses come from renowned management consultancies, among others. Example topics can include: In order to prepare the graduates for a possible doctorate, a scientific project and a scientific seminar are integrated into the degree course. Lyle School of Engineering. Brandenburg hat junge, gutaussehende Hochschulen. An application for the recognition of study achievements must be submitted for this. They identify new opportunities in the market and technology trends, secure technological competencies and professionally direct innovation processes and projects in companies. In-depth specialisations which align with our areas of expertise are offered: Each module has an attendance of 4 SWS and a workload of 6 credit points for students. The first three semesters of the Master's degree course are characterised by a clear structure and are divided into four levels: One compulsory level (two modules per semester), one specialisation level (one module per semester), one level for research/project studies (one module per semester) and one compulsory elective module per semester. Master 105. What makes us say that? 42.699. Lehramt 38 Anderer Abschluss . Here you can view the curriculum to see how the degree course is structured. 20. The degree course contains a project track with different numbers of projects, some of which also take place within the modules. Fachhochschule Brandenburg (FHB) provides education services. Practical teaching is made possible through the collaboration of university professors, honorary professors and other teachers from the cooperation companies and networks. Our Master of Technology and Innovation Management students come from all over the world to study at the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences. Soft skill components e.g. The following is an excerpt from the catalogue of our elective modules: In addition to the technical elements, scientific methodological competences are further developed through the semester papers, the project and, of course, the Master's thesis. Student life. Computer applications and digital media are increasingly merging in the private sector, but also in more and more companies, public administrations and cultural institutions. Sufficient English language skills (B2 level with proof). With further choices and interdisciplinary project tasks, broad knowledge and methodological competence is developed in order to pursue a systemic approach in mechanical engineering. Teacher/Student Ratio. Postanschrift: Postfach 45 01 55 99051 Erfurt. 3.000 Studierende in 22 Studiengängen. Duales Studium – praxisintegrierend. We are very happy for students to spend part of their studies abroad and would like to support them in this. Declaration of consent: I hereby confirm that I agree with the privacy statement * All information provided by me is complete and true. More information about the course contents can be found in the module catalogues. 1-2 face-to-face meetings per semester, online consultation hours, meetings in virtual seminar rooms, media-based self-learning modules, use of the "Moodle" teaching-learning system as well as asynchronous support by e-mail and through forums. Since almost all areas of computer science are now intertwined with digital media, media computer scientists are now urgently needed in almost every subfield. Quality of Professors. Expenses. for project management, scientific work and writing, study work, etc. Academic. Gersdorf Last modified by: YDMIJ7BxCnwmYmm2 Created Date: 4/13/2016 9:38:00 AM Other titles: Fachhochschule … Media and communication are among the growth markets of today and tomorrow. The prerequisite for applying for the degree course is a Bachelor's degree or a relevant qualification equivalent to a Bachelor's degree under higher education law from a field such as safety management, computer science, business information technology, electrical engineering, law or business administration.In addition, candidates must be able to demonstrate at least one year of practical experience in the field of business, IT, or building security or with public authorities and organisations with security responsibilities (BOS). Expenses. Our students are taught by teachers from the field. Der Film. Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde. Bachelor 92. Altertumswissenschaften. Examples include the humanoid robots David and Eve as well as other robots, app programming smartphones and many PCs/MACs as well as hard and software, where learning can be tested in practice. Foto: Fachhochschule Brandenburg (82 KB, 1024 x … Bachelor of Business & Information Systems Engineering, the winter semester or the summer semester, Design, construction and programming of robots, Creation of mobile applications such as augmented reality apps for orientation and navigation in buildings, Finland: University of Oulu, Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Norway: The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Austria: FH Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences, Scotland: University of the West of Scotland, Spain: Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Poland: Politechnika Lodzka, Collegium Da Vinci, Innovations, Market Power and State Action, Enterprise Resource Management (ERP systems). Jobs and internships in Germany. Folgen Sie uns in den sozialen Medien, Hausanschrift:Magdeburger Straße 50 14770 Brandenburg an der Havel, T +49 3381 355-0F +49 3381 355-199E-Mailkontaktewww.th-brandenburg.de. It is possible to enrol in the Master of Computer Science in the winter and summer semesters; both entry times have their own study plan. 5. The Master's degree course is consecutive to the Bachelor's degree course of the same name. Social Media The THB can thus offer training that covers IT security but is not limited to IT security. The module board and the module catalogue for the Master of Technology and Innovation Management can be downloaded here. Security Management is a Master's degree course which adopts a holistic approach to the production and organisation of "security". Area Around Campus. The courses are divided into four main topics: The Master of Security Management comprises three semesters of 30 ECTS each (a total of 90 credits according to the European Credit Transfer System) and six semesters with 15 ECTS each for part-time study. Duale Studiengänge. The Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus–Senftenberg (German: Brandenburgische Technische Universität, BTU) was founded in 1991 and is a technical university in Brandenburg, Germany with campuses in Cottbus and Senftenberg.The university has 197 professors, 629 additional academic staff and more than 8,000 students, of which 1,860 are of foreign origin from 111 nations. Internationale Studiengänge - Leben - Fachhochschule Kufstein - Die Fachhochschule Kufstein befindet sich mit ihrer optimalen Verbindung von Praxis und wissenschaftlicher Ausbildung im Spitzenfeld der europäischen Ausbildungsstätten Examination of hardware platforms and software tools for the Internet of Things, Calculation of the profitability of a technical project, Planning and securing smooth and cost-effective production, Planning and monitoring of material usage and energy consumption. 24 Bachelor-Studien in Brandenburg aus dem Bereich Soziales/Pädagogik, die in Deutschland von Universitäten, Hochschulen, Fachhochschulen, Privatuniversitäten oder weiteren Bildungsanbietern angeboten werden. The range of subjects is much broader and includes the competences of the various other disciplines represented at the university. lectures, practical demonstrations, seminars, exercises, case studies, small group work, excursions. The Master’s thesis is a final thesis with a colloquium and is worth 27 CP. Media Informatics, Computer Science with a course profile in digital media, communication design, interaction design or interface design. 5 von 8 Hochschulen . FHPol Brandenburg. The career area for computer scientists with a focus on media informatics is very diverse. Organizer: Prof. Dr. Liv Kirsten Jacobsen. 53.011. Sabine Spiller-Baumgartner. [1] For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for Liste der Hochschulen in Brandenburg . special admission requirements and a different process of application. Product planning and marketing of high quality technical goods and systems. Verwaltungsinformatik Brandenburg (B.Sc.) Our study and examination regulations for TIM open up a mobility window in the 2nd semester, which is recommended for study abroad. This Master's degree course is aimed at undergraduate and graduate students of engineering and natural sciences, computer science and industrial engineering. Die einzelnen Studiengänge der Technischen Hochschule Brandenburg sind nach ihren Fachbereichen und Abschlüssen unterteilt. Sie möchten neben Ihrer Berufstätigkeit ein Hochschulstudium … Ein wichtiger Aspekt, dem im Profil auf der Webseite der Hochschule ein besonderer Wert zugesprochen wird, ist, dass in Bezug auf Lehre und Forschung nicht Quantität sondern Qualität ausschlaggebend ist. ), Master of Business & Information Systems Engineering, security specialist through the Master of Security Management, special admission requirements and a different process of application, Online degree in Media Informatics (M.Sc.). Entwerfen und Gestalten / Fertigungstechnik. Add to shortlist Compare. 3 semesters (1.5 years for a full-time study), 5 semesters (2.5 years for part-time study). Im Land Brandenburg gibt es fünf Universitäten, zwei Verwaltungs- und acht sonstige Fachhochschulen. Duale Studiengänge; Organization of studies; Application and enrollment; Student advisory service; Get to know our programs; Student Services Center; International Office; About us. The standard period of study from the Master of Computer Science is 4 semesters (2 years) of full-time study. Oranienburg. Business continuity and crisis management, Mathematical and Physical Fundamentals (Network Security, Cryptography and Forensics). Fachhochschule Brandenburg. 4.11 / 5 based on 18 reviews. The degree course offers specialisations such as "Mobile Computing", "Software Technology", "Human-Computer Interaction" and "Interactive 3D" through a variety of teaching forms, e.g. Share . Object-oriented Programming with Java 7. Similar Universities. Affordability. Fachhochschule Brandenburg 4.11 /5. We develop and operate these online degree courses together with ONCAMPUS, the University Association of Virtual Universities of Applied Sciences (currently 10 universities). Jobs and internships in Germany. Business Continuity and Crisis Management, Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), Secure Software Lifecycle Management (SSLM), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), English of an upper intermediate level (e.g. Our modern information society needs creative minds who can bridge the gap between design and computer science in the development of innovative media applications. Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen (B.Eng.) Next. functional areas of operational application systems (see module catalogue). It offers various forms of teaching, e.g. Completely new job profiles have already been created by "multimedia", and others are currently trying to become established in the market. This orientation allows us to award a Master of Science. This Master's degree course is characterised by its project and research orientation as well as the interdisciplinary cooperation in Germany and abroad, for example with colleges from the Brandenburg region and Berlin, e.g. Studiengänge; Unsere Studiengänge Bleiben Sie über die Lehre, die Projekte und alles Weitere in Ihrem Studiengang informiert. Fachhochschule Brandenburg is a established in (unknown). Degree courses which have computer science and media-related qualifications totalling 60 ECTS credits are recognised as comparable. 30 credits will additionally be recognised for one year of professional experience.